My name is Raji Rab, and I am a candidate for Governor in the state of California in the 2026 election offering a much-awaited relief to struggling American families. I present a fresh, space-age, result-oriented leadership that is necessary and overdue to bring back to you the American dream that’s been long lost. 

I am well known for voicing public interest, human rights, and civil rights over 22 years. I am an accomplished aviator, educator, and an entrepreneur, but first, I am a caring humanitarian. At the age of 18, I graduated with my commercial pilot license from Laverne, CA. Thereafter, I became a flight instructor, chief pilot, owned and operated a flight school, an airline and now a computer infrastructure and training facility. Personally, I served a lifetime, fighting for civil rights, helping people in need without any compensation. I take ethical behavior as personal. I believe diversity strengthens our environment and enriches the pursuit of happiness. Over the past many years, I am well-known for meeting and helping people, doing community events, charities, toy drives, mentoring students, serving food to the homeless, supporting schools and law enforcement programs to build bridges with the community. With my nonpartisan approach I receive support from all sides. I belong to a family of givers. My son graduated from USC, serves as a street psychiatrist for the unhoused community in Los Angeles, CA and my daughter graduated from USC, serves as a social worker in a local school district in Los Angeles, CA. 

We live in space age, but a vast majority of Americans are struggling, crushed under very high cost of living due to under paid jobs, high fuel costs, high grocery costs, unaffordable housing, price gouging, homelessness on the rise and public safety issues. Housing is unaffordable, there is no help, no accountability. Taxation, health, public safety, environment, foreign policy among other major issues needs urgent productive reforms. We are the richest nation on the planet, healthcare is our birth right and our students should be free of student debt. I will push federal funding to move the homeless from unhealthy streets to safer long-term housing arrangements. I will initiate higher paying jobs, reward job creators, committed to stop your stress and put us on a fast track in the future, with a big leap of prosperity to make up for the years of time lost. I will attend to taxation, health, housing, public safety, environment, and a great foreign policy among other major issues with urgent resolves. I will strengthen our military, address national security issues, initiate stronger friendly international relations for lasting peace. I will bring higher paying jobs, help small businesses, ease burdensome regulations, improve VA options, and remove harsh APRs, and penalties. I support decency, family values, integrity and oppose all discriminating factors of race, religion, color, gender. We are a nation of laws, advocate democracy to the remotest corners of the world, but today half of our nation stands divided. Party politics have forever scorched us, setting divisions in our democracy. I have received overwhelming support and enthusiasm from all, especially our young generation. I am committed to protect the next generation and to lead everyone to lasting prosperity. I care, and I will not rest till I bring good change that you can feel. My campaign is about innovative economic advancement with real relief, real results, real fast. That is my goal.

Although there are many new and old names in the Governor of California election, I am the only candidate who has been consistently fighting for the past many years to preserve our constitution, currently fighting to preserve election laws and our democracy in the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s time to elect the right person for Governor with integrity and your vote for me shall best serve all American families. I will restore order, offer relief, and set a far better future for our children, our seniors and for us all to bring back to you the American dream that’s been long lost. Count on me!