My top priority is money for Californians because the basic cost of living in California is unbearable and families are forced to leave California. 

Even though we are the 5th largest economy in the world, Californians are underpaid, live an unhappy life, struggling without money. California is far behind in offering quality of life expected from being the 5th largest economy in the world. Covid is over but the high prices have not come down. Upon getting elected, I will stop price gouging, investigate the price hike of all items including buying a home, renting, gas, grocery, home goods etc. I will investigate Covid profiteering with accountability, bring prices to pre-covid conditions, make life affordable again in California.  Californians were paid some relief after being hit by the worst Covid disaster in history, but relief was much below public requirement. The businesses could not recover, and many got shut down permanently. I disagree with Gov. Newsom’s statement on his website that “we are not the cheapest State in the Union, because we have amenities and opportunities that simply don’t exist in other places”.  I say, “California is not only for the rich but for everyone.”

Upon getting elected, I will welcome everyone, offering equal opportunity to come live and prosper in California. I will extend California’s ample resources, amenities, and opportunities to all. I will expedite essential economic reforms to bring global investments and manufacturing to California. I will bolster rewards for high paying job creators with incentives to boost our economy with more income for the American people. I will offer relief to small businesses from burdensome regulations and boost small business conditions for expansion. I will be easy on taxes, enforce subsidy on groceries and necessary household necessities.

global investments

I will boost California, cover up for years of time lost, create thousands of high pay jobs in manufacturing & other sectors by bringing global investments in California.  

tourism & foreign relations

I am a well-known humanitarian. I support peace and global relations. I support peace, education, healthcare, and exciting job opportunities leading to decent affordable living. I will foster peace, progress, love & happiness for all. I believe there is always a reasonable and peaceful solution to every dispute in life. As your Governor, I will rush to push to introduce thousands of new jobs, in every field of life.  

healthcare for all

I believe that healthcare rights are human rights, and every American deserves full and free healthcare with Medicare for All. Cost of prescription drugs is high and unaffordable. Most of our medication is manufactured and imported from abroad, and I will end this profiteering at the high cost of our lives must end. I will expedite medication to be manufactured here in California to reduce costs, create thousands of high paying jobs, improve the economy, and ensure that we are not dependent on other countries. There should be no co-pay and no out-of-pocket costs to ease financial stress on families. I will fight to remove healthcare complexities and ensure that we are protected from any health hazards. More needs to be done on Medi-Cal for All and we must increase the exiting Invested $100.7 million to develop and manufacture low-cost biosimilar insulin products to increase the availability & affordability of insulin in California. We must increase financial help for health insurance on top of federal support, including expanded subsidies to all “middle class” individuals in Covered California. We must increase the $4.7 billion to ensure all California kids, parents and communities have easy access to mental health and substance abuse services. We must increase the number of 40,000 new mental health workers. Increase funding for universal access to health care for all people, regardless of age, immigration status, or ability to pay. I will enforce universal health care access to all, becoming self-reliant and fully manufacturing our own medication requirements. 


As your Governor I will set the highest standards of clean air, water, environmental protection, controlling carbon emissions and expanding advanced renewable energy. Fracking and other explorations must be in accordance with the highest scientific standards. I will support investing in renewable energy to achieve energy independence for a healthier environment for us all. Climate change is a real hazard requiring Environmental protection for a safer future. Upon getting elected as your Governor, I will secure green energy by preserving our home planet for future generations.



The sacred transfer of academic advancement to the next generation is through education that leads to the ultimate success of our society. Envisioning endless possibilities towards progress, students must be supported as the ultimate gateway to the future.  I believe that education is a birth right but even though California is the 4th largest economy in the world, students suffer burdensome debt.  This is unfair, I will reform the current situation because debt-free students will help raise a healthy debt-free nation. I will introduce new grades, add college education in high schools so that students pass out from high school graduating with at least AA degree. I will double the existing childcare slots, universal pre-K including the before- and after-school for all California kids. I support universal access for after-school and summer-school, introducing additional mental health care, and ways to achieve a degree in California. I will increase the existing invested $1.9 billion to set up college savings accounts of up to $1,500 for every vulnerable student and increase the $170 million in ongoing funds to set up accounts for all struggling students when they enter the 1st grade. I will increase slots at UC/CSU for California school kids. I will bring relief to all students in California that is necessary and overdue.

housing welfare, homelessness & poverty

I will fight to create employment at all levels, remove poverty, and press for a meaningful housing project to end homelessness. Mental health and other issues surrounding the unhoused need to be addressed at the source. Comprehensive medical attention should be taken to the unhoused and the situation be collectively assessed to help all victims of unfortunate circumstances with utmost love, respect, and care. Doubts need addressing on CARE Court to draw more people to mental health and substance relief services. Transparency and accountability should occur at all levels including but not limited to the local government’s plan for 2.5 million new homes by 2030. Beautifying public spaces should not be the main focus in moving encampments as they will return, the concept of permanent resolution is required. Billions are at stake and much here needs to be explained about spending this great public money on the right cause before its given away to contracts, making it just another business deal.


I have an amazing daughter who serves as a mental health social worker in a local school district, and watching her serve the community day, I grow to be a strong supporter of women's rights in every sphere of our society. Today women lead and serve in every field, including education, healthcare, law enforcement, and the military services. For my lifetime, I supported equal opportunity for women, the right to choose about their health, their lives, with utmost safety and highest healthcare standards. I support women’s right for reproductive health care access and privacy, legally protecting women who travel from other states to access abortion services here in California, including shielding their medical records. I will double the existing $200 million to expand access to reproductive health care and birth control.


Equality and Social Justice are supreme standards of our constitutional rights and offer equal opportunity in our civilized society. I believe in equality in every sphere of our lives, without any discrimination of race, religion, gender, or color whatsoever. 


Our Social Security is in a safe setting. Debt reduction in the middle class is necessary and having the wealthy help to protect the struggling people will contribute to the public good. Tax reforms must reward job creators and more jobs will creatively help reduce national debt.  I will fight to offer tax relief for business advancement, and job creators and fight to bring back jobs in America to rejuvenate our economy and working climate to offer relief to hardworking families surviving stressfully on a month-to-month basis.


I will work nights and days to do more on crime prevention, with added resources, reinforcement, and advanced rehabilitation options. I will introduce modern-day training of law enforcement personnel to exercise extreme caution and use force as a last resort with necessary approval.  I am a huge fan of constitutional rights, but strict background checks will deter guns from falling into the wrong hands. Military-style assault weapons should not be accessible without strong background checks. Reduced police funding has induced crime & I will address that immediately to expand resources necessary to implement crime prevention. I am the greatest supporter of constitutional rights including 2nd amendment. However, I will not let that overtake public safety. I will enforce strict measures and background checks to prevent deadly weapons in wrong hands. I will pursue stronger laws to curb gun violence, improvise and facilitate existing structure for law enforcement. I do not support death penalty. 


We are a land of hope for people all around the world. People escaping the worst forms of abuse, seeking refuge to save their lives, while in return enriching us with the brightest cultures and minds. Protection is in place under U.S. refugee and asylum laws for those facing a legitimate fear of persecution abroad. I will work to remove bureaucratic delays, for those waiting in line for years to join their family here. While supporting legal immigration with ease, I will enforce the strictest measures to stop criminal elements from entering our homeland. I support the due process of immigration leading to a peaceful and prosperous life, sharing duties and responsibilities of a healthy society. America is a land of immigrants and I stand to welcome migrants to enrich our environment, our economic system and utilize our rich public facilitation including the universal health care for all.


We are blessed with constitutional rights in America, that give us due process and limit less equal opportunity to work and succeed in life. Californians are already overburdened with day-to-day survival in supporting their families and crushed under unconstitutional harsh charges, late fees, financial penalties. The existing harsh living conditions have caused an additional burden on the public. I will introduce every relief to cater the losses faced by the public with an end to hardship, unconstitutional harsh late fees, penalties, and harsh interest rates.


I will jump-start action and make urgent changes with fair and friendly participation from all sides. I have no commitments with special interest, and no deals to keep. My loyalty is and will always remain with the public forever. 


Quality of life matters and we deserve upgraded recreational facilities to enjoy peaceful and fun-filled family time. I will do my best to ensure that our communities see a noticeable advancement in our parks and recreational environment with free entertainment park events.


Even though we get some rainwater, our agriculture uses 80% of the water supply. California needs the same amount of water which it always needs, being more than we get.  The water rights need resetting for our growing population. Water reforms are needed due to the water shortages to set a fair relief for all.  


 As global leaders, we set compassionate standards for cruelty against all forms of life. We must continue with our fullest responsibility to care for and protect animals and increase the need for larger platforms to protect animals from cruelty. I will work to ensure that animal rights are enforced, honored, and preserved


We are behind in progress, behind in health care, behind in housing, behind in removing poverty, behind in removing student debt, and behind in decent income level. We are behind because of corruption. I will work to provide a friendly system of transparency offering easy access to all amenities and departments without any hassle, making our society & services much easier, better, and friendly.



Right from the start of the pandemic, Californians were worst hit by health and income. But the pandemic relief offered was a drop in the ocean, compared to California being the 4th largest economy in the world. Californians felt abused and dumped. I will make up for that.